It’s a New Time to Find Love

2017Happy New Year!

You should be back to work and into the swing of the New Year by now.  How is it going?  What are you doing that is new this year?  Will you be in the same place you were last year, as far as your love life?  I hope not!

Some of you are finally ready to meet the right person for you.

On Sunday I will be talking with my MEETING MR. RIGHT group members about using this time, this start to a new year, to your advantage.  January is the month that more people than ever decide to go online.  More people join gyms.  More people take classes.  Whatever it is they have decided they want to accomplish, they start NOW.

And you can use this to your advantage to meet more people.  Are you a member of a gym?  There are probably several new members this month – go and meet them.  Welcome them to the club.  Are you doing online dating?  Look at all the new men who have joined and send them a flirt/wink to welcome them.

Since it is cold, there may not be as much mingling and getting out, but that only means that there will be more people online and they will be staying longer online.  Upgrade your package or increase your online usage.  Talk to more guys online than you did before.

If you need help with your profile (and you do if you are not getting the kind of attention you want from the type of men you want), sign up for my Online Dating Profile Secrets Session HERE.  We will meet for a session to craft/change/edit/create your NEW and IMPROVED profile so you can finally start seeing success.

And the main thing is to be EXPECTANT.  Anticipate meeting some great men this year.  Expect to meet them.  Your mindset is key.  If you go into this year telling yourself that it will be no different than the rest, it won’t be!  You create your own destiny.  You make things happen, good or bad.  So BELIEVE that he is coming this year.  And get ready for him!

If you want to be married in the next two years, contact me today!
Kiki Strickland

“Married in 2 Years or Less” Dating Coach

p: 202-718-7797 a: 1629 K St NW Suite 300 Washington, DC 20006

As featured in EBONY Magazine

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