Marriage is INDEED an accomplishment!

There was an article in the Huffington Post by a newly engaged woman who said that she was surprised at how excited everyone was about her recent engagement.  She said these people had not expressed such excitement over her graduation from college or promotions at work.  She said that while she was happy to be getting married, it was not like marriage is an accomplishment or anything!

I beg to differ!  Marriage, certainly a GOOD marriage, is indeed an accomplishment.  We are also in a day and age where marriage, even getting engaged, is no longer a GIVEN.  There are many that will never marry.  There are singles who are now in their 60’s and 70’s and never found the love of their lives.  So those of you that do make it down the aisle have indeed accomplished something.

Finding someone to love and who also loves you back enough to MARRY you is not easy, as evidenced by the need for my dating coaching business.  Online dating sites make millions each year on singles who want to find true love.  And you, single readers, are seeking it but haven’t yet found it.  But you will – thankfully!

People celebrate love and believe in love.  That is why they will travel thousands of miles to attend your wedding, even if they did not do so for your graduation.  In another article a woman complained that her friends and family did not share her enthusiasm about passing the bar.  She said she couldn’t even find a group to attend her celebration and how one girlfriend even opted to work on her other friend’s engagement party instead of attending.   But it is not that people don’t VALUE degrees and awards and promotions and the like.  They do.   It is just that they realize that jobs come and go.  But when it is all said and done, your family and the family you created with the person you loved is all that is going to matter.  When your days are over, you will not think about your degree or whether you should have applied for that promotion or even what house you lived in.  You will want those who love you and whom you love to be with you.

And if you have had children, you hope that they will have been your greatest accomplishment.

So yes, get your degrees and pass the Bar, but don’t forget how valuable LOVE is!

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