How NOT to succeed at ONLINE DATING

virtually in love show

Have you seen the show “Virtually in Love” on the Oxygen Network?  I have watched two episodes and I must say it is online dating at its worst!

Here is the description of the show from before it began:

Oxygen is launching an unscripted series called Virtually in Love that centers on online daters traveling great distances to finally meet their significant others in person, Us Weekly can exclusively reveal.
The series, premiering May 24, will show the face-to-face introductions, followed by the ups and downs as the pairs learn more about each other and meet the other’s family and friends. The couples will then decide whether to continue dating in the same city to further their real-life connection.

The problem with the show’s participants is that they have waited months, some times even years, to finally meet in person.  In most cases they have been chatting online or via phone every day and feel like they are in love.  They have carried on a ‘virtual’ relationship and now they are finally meeting face to face.  In both episodes that I have seen, once they did meet and got to know each other better, the relationship fell apart.  In almost all of the cases each had held back some pertinent information about themselves.  That is very easy to do when you are only talking to someone via phone, chat or SKYPE for an hour.

In order to get to know someone well, you must spend quality time with them.  I am an advocate for dating online or meeting over the internet but it is just a MEETING.  You should not ‘date’ them over the internet.  I believe you should meet the person as quickly as possible to see if there is any chemistry IN PERSON.  If distance keeps you from being able to frequently meet up in person, that is OK.  Do not decide to become exclusive until you have met FIRST in person and confirmed your true interest (compatibility, chemistry, attraction).   If after that you want to continue the relationship and it has to be virtual, it can still work.  But long distance relationships are difficult and need to have specific perimeters, timelines and goals.

I am doing a FREE tele-seminar on Online Dating this Saturday to teach you how to be better at meeting the opposite sex online and to finally start getting the results you want.   One of my clients who got married last year (2015) met her husband online.  And another one of my clients who just recently got engaged and will be married this year also met her fiance online.

Online dating websites and dating apps definitely work.  But only if you know how to work them.  Join me on Saturday for tips and strategies.

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