Meeting men while travelling


I just returned from a trip to Paris.  I LOVED Paris.  I am making plans to return next year so stay tuned for how you can join us!

While in Paris I met several men.  One I asked for directions and he ended up walking me half way to my destination, chatting and showing me photos of his family and their home in Morocco.  He was so nice that we ended up exchanging business cards.  We were expecting the French to be standoffish but were pleasantly surprised the people were so friendly.  Especially the men.  Two ladies on the trip with me got asked out on dates.  I want to talk about meeting men while traveling.

You should be meeting new people EVERYWHERE you go.  When you are open and friendly, people are drawn to you.  That should never stop.  Always be polite and cordial and make eye contact with those around you.

One of the women asked out while in Paris asked me what I thought.  Should she go?  And if so, should she take her friend with her?

I think it is fine to go out on a date while in another country!  Of course!  Why not?  As long as you are using wisdom (don’t ever get into a guy’s car or go to his place on the first date) and being safe, it is perfectly fine to meet him at a restaurant or cafe/coffee shop to find out more about him.  In the case with the woman on my trip, she could have brought her girlfriend along to the restaurant and her friend could have sat at the bar while they got a table and chatted.  It would not be kosher to bring a friend along on a date and let the friend join you.  But yes, the friend could have sat elsewhere until the date was over.  Then when the date is over, you leave with your friend, not the guy!

You never want a stranger to know where you are staying.  It is gentlemanly for him to offer to walk or drive you back but decline.  He can hail a cab for you or walk you to the subway, though.

Now some of you may be thinking, but if I am not interested in a long distance relationship, why would I go out with a man while I am travelling?  Because it is not your job to figure out if it would have to be a long distance relationship.  That’s his job.  If he likes you, he will have to figure out how to make it work.  You don’t know everything about him yet.  He may have a house or relatives in the States.  He may own his own business and be able to work from anywhere.  It is not your job to assume anything.  Just find out.  And that is what the date is for, to learn more about him.

Opportunities pass us by because we do not take advantage of them or recognize them. Or we sabotage ourselves by talking ourselves OUT of opportunities before they can really even materialize.  If he seems like a decent guy, at least commit to learning more.  Give him your email address so he can follow up with you when you return.

I know an American woman that met her husband while vacationing in London.  Now they both live here in the States.  He wooed her, found a job here in the US and proposed.  She was not open to dating him across ‘the pond’ so he found a way to make it happen for them.  When a man is in love, he finds a way!  They are now married with two kids.

We will be headed back to Paris next April, so if you would like to join us, send me an email to to find out more.  We are also going to Italy in 2017.  My retreats have thus far been domestic, but that may change, so check out my retreat page at

Happy Dating!

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