Keep the FAITH – He is Out There!!!

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So many women I meet have become discouraged about love and finding the right man.  They see couples and think, “What about me?  Why hasn’t it happened for me?”  And since yesterday was Valentine’s Day – the biggest, in-your-face LOVE day for couples ever, you may have felt this way yourself in the last 48 hours.

Thousands of couples just got engaged.  Millions of couples celebrated their love with chocolates, cards, gifts and dinners out yesterday.

But what about you?

Why hasn’t it happened for you?  Why aren’t you in a happy, healthy relationship with the opposite sex?

There could be many reasons.  But this post isn’t about the WHY.

It’s about what you are going to do NOW.

I recorded my “Dating Talk with Kiki Strickland” Blogtalk show yesterday on dating Q&A (LISTEN HERE) and one of the questions was “How can I make sure I am not in the same place again next year?”

I talked about some things that you can do.  But the main thing you need is FAITH and a positive outlook on love and relationships.  You must BELIEVE that there is someone out there for you.  You must believe that love and  marriage ARE for you.  EXPECT to be in a happy and healthy relationship.  Expect to meet great guys that will be interested in pursuing a dating relationship with you.  Optimism is your friend!  Leave negativity and pessimism behind.  You must go forward with CONFIDENCE that you WILL meet him.

He is out there looking for you!

Once you start out with this positive outlook, the rest of the steps will come a lot easier.

And for the rest of the steps (and there are many), work with me in my Married in 2 Years or Less Program.  Click HERE for more information about the Program.

Happy Dating!

If you want to be married in the next two years, contact me today!
Kiki Strickland

“Married in 2 Years or Less” Dating Coach

p: 202-718-7797 a: 1629 K St NW Suite 300 Washington, DC 20006

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