Christmas shopping…and MEN!

men shopping

Man shopping for clothes
Man shopping for clothes

Ladies, today is the day before Christmas Eve and it will be a BIG shopping day!  Tomorrow will be, too.  And guess what?  The men will be out in droves!  Men are notorious for being 11th Hour shoppers, AKA last minute shoppers.  I was in Best Buy one year on the day before Christmas Eve and I was shocked at how many men were there.  The store was packed with men.  I was looking for a laptop at the time and I remember getting several guys’ opinion on which one I should buy.

I think you single ladies may want to go out tonight and tomorrow night (wherever you are) and do a little man watching.  Go to the popular town center in your area (make sure there are gadget stores like Best Buy, Apple, Game Stop, etc) and mingle.  Yes, some will be married, but many won’t.  Ask for an opinion about a particular gadget if you don’t see a ring on his finger.   And also go on the day AFTER Christmas, which is also known to be the biggest return and shopping day, as well.

Don’t forget if you are traveling for Christmas, BE FRIENDLY with those traveling with you.  Sit near a hottie while you are waiting at the gate at the airport.  Make small talk if there is a long wait.

And start planning for New Year’s Eve, which will be the biggest flirt night bonanza of all nights!  Get a slammin’ dress, your hair ‘did’ and flirt, flirt, flirt!

More on this next week, so stay tuned!

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