Get a Love Life!


Last night I spoke to a group of women on Love Life 101.  Get a love life – you should have one!  Most say they do not have a love life at all.  They do not go out or meet anyone, they are not doing online dating….NOTHING!   That should not be.  Not only should you have an active love life, you should be going out on at least one date a month.

There are a couple of VALID reasons that a woman may not have a love life at the moment and I shared what those are:

  1. The only reason you should not have a love life is when you are on a brief hiatus while you are working on yourself (or getting yourself together in therapy), taking care of or dealing with some issues, concerns or problems that you need to fix.
  2. or if you just got out of a relationship and need time to HEAL from it.  (If you don’t need time to heal, then keep on dating).

Other than these reasons, you should have a healthy love life.

The Cambridge Dictionary describes LOVE LIFE as the ​romanticrelationships in a person’s ​life.

So start on your love life NOW by going to a few holiday parties!  Like I said last week, there are plenty of holiday parties happening right now.  This is the time to do it.  Be friendly and mingle.  Meet at least THREE guys while you are there.

Last night I also talked about ONE aspect that may be holding you back from a successful love life.

One main reason why you may not have a love life is because you are still living in the past.

In the past maybe you only dated a certain type of guy – same look, same career, same attitude.  And even though that did not WORK for you, you are still seeking the same type.  That is a mistake.  Stop living in the past – try something different now!

Another way that we live in the past is to let bitterness, anger, or unforgiveness take over our lives and hold us back.  I recently read a novel by Danielle Steele in which the main character had held on to her anger at her ex-husband for 10 years.  Her years of hating her ex had closed her heart to men.  She had not been in a relationship since her divorce and had serious walls up around her heart.  She was afraid to let anyone hurt her again.  It was not until she finally was able to forgive him and let it go that she met a wonderful man whom she ended up marrying.

And yet another way to live in the past is to keep ex-boyfriends, ex-husbands or men who won’t commit to you around – wasting your time, waiting for him to commit or act right or make you his woman.  This is a huge mistake.  If a man has told you to your face that you are not The One, believe him.  If he has already divorced you, he left!  Don’t let the old guy keep you from a NEW MAN!  He is wasting your precious time, energy and love.

To hear the tele-class on this topic that I gave yesterday, LISTEN HERE


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Happy Dating!

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Kiki Strickland
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