Holidays are Here! Time to Meet & Mingle


Every year I do a Blogtalk show on meeting people during the holidays.  This is the perfect time to get out and meet some folk.  Most of you like the holidays but not the crowds.  But really you should be going where the crowd is!  You want to be where the people are.  Where there are lots and lots of men, there will be at least a few that you will find attractive.  And of course there will be some that will find you attractive.  Black Friday?  YES!!!    Christmas shopping at the last minute?   YES!!!   But don’t go for the shopping, go with an eye on meeting some cute guys.  Grocery stores tomorrow will be packed.  Instead of avoiding it, go to the best market (Wegman’s or Whole Foods are great) and hang around for a while, chatting with those in line with you.  Make sure you make eye contact and smile!

The restaurants in shopping areas on Black Friday will be packed, as all those shoppers seek to fuel their stomachs for more shopping sprees.  Make sure you head over there!  Be at the bar area of one of the restaurants by the Mall or town center and mingle.  Instead of staying in the house, go be with the crowd for a couple of hours.  You never know who you are going to meet!

Listen to more Holiday Tips, including meeting others while traveling  HERE


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