Sports Flirting…Do it!


Ladies, it’s no secret that men like sports.  An easy way to get noticed is to wear a sports jersey.  I don’t know how many men talk to me when I am out running errands with a Redskins jersey or T-shirt on.  I bought my jersey at Target for $19.  I also bought one from a thrift store for $8!  No matter where I am, a man will stop and say he likes my jersey or ask if I am a real fan or something about the team or most recent game.  Ladies, this is the PERFECT opportunity to chat with men.  Get a jersey of your town’s team.  It doesn’t matter whether you like the sport or not.  It is just an icebreaker.  And if a good-looking guy says something to you about your jersey, smile and ask him if he follows the team.  Or if he goes to the games.  Or who his favorite player is.

I offer a Football basics seminar for ladies to teach them a little bit about football (I get a man to teach it, I don’t teach it myself!) so that they know enough to have a conversation.  You can pick up a little knowledge about any sport by reading about it on Wikipedia.  I also recommend watching the news (you should be doing that anyway to know what is happening in the world and your area) and paying attention to the sports news at the end.  Local news always highlight the latest sports news in your area so find out what’s new.  You will be able to have at least a short conversation about what you heard.

If you really want to be knowledgeable, watch ESPN a little bit to find out more about the players, teams and gossip!

Sports bars are also an easy place to meet men – if you are dressed properly and enjoy the game.  For sports bars you should wear that jersey I told you to get.  Do not go in dressed up.  Jeans or shorts and the jersey is perfect for this atmosphere.  Sit at the bar and start watching the game.  Don’t make too many comments, unless those around you are commenting a lot.  Just listen, smile and appear into the game.  If the men next to you start talking to you, engage them in the conversation, but mostly likely it will be about sports.  That is fine!  Just mention what you heard on the news or ESPN.

Men LOVE women that they can hang out with and enjoy sports with!  It is comfortable for them.  You are in their world!  If you are an attractive woman that can enjoy the game with them, you are golden!

Read more about this topic in my upcoming e-book, A Diva’s Guide to Flirting.  It will be available this September on Amazon Kindle and through my website.

Also register for our next Football Basics for Women & Flirting Tips on September 12, the day before the real NFL season begins!  REGISTER.

Preseason games start this Sunday so get out there and mingle!

Happy Flirting!redskins tshirt

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