Divas Don’t Pursue Men…and other don’ts

divas dont pursue2

I did a seminar this month on UNDERSTANDING MEN.  There were nine ladies in attendance and boy, did we cover a lot!

I talked about men and dating, men and money, men and sex and how they view these three things very differently than we do.  Great topic!  I will definitely repeat this topic again in the Fall for those ladies that did not make it.

It is very important to understand how men think, what they want (and don’t want), what matters to them and what they really value when it comes to dating, being in a relationship, and of course, ultimately marriage.  All the mistakes I see women making in relationships mainly stem from this lack of understanding the male mind and how different it is from ours.

One of my e-books, How Divas Date, covers the do’s and don’ts in dealing with men.  For example, a diva knows her self-worth and is confident in who she is, so she knows that SHE IS THE PRIZE.  She does not chase after men (if you are chasing them they are not chasing you) or try to get them to date her.  She knows that if a man is interested, he will let her know.  Men are still wooing women.  They woo the women that don’t woo them and whom they are really interested in.

Now this is different from flirting.  If you are confused about flirting, come to one of my FLIRT NIGHTS on a Friday in DC.  We are also implementing a Saturday Night Flirt Night beginning in August 2015.  Divas do flirt.  They are friendly and confident and will strike up a conversation with a man.  But they will NOT ask a man out or throw themselves at him.  They know that the man must still be the pursuer.  While a diva is friendly and outgoing and will talk to a man she does not know (flirting), if he does not take things further or express any interest, she moves on.  She is not going to call him, email him, invite him to something she is going to or otherwise pursue him.

Here are a few other don’ts in my e-book:

Divas DO NOT sit around waiting by the phone

Divas don’t do long distance relationships for long

Divas don’t do dutch dates

Divas don’t buy things for dudes

Divas do NOT go back to the Ex

Divas don’t do rebounds

Divas don’t kiss & tell

Divas don’t do jealousy

To learn more, pick it up at my website HERE.

And don’t forget to check my EVENT page for my next UNDERSTANDING MEN seminar this Fall.

Happy Dating!

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Kiki Strickland
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