Using March Madness to Meet Men!

march madness Ladies, this weekend is the Big East Championship!  If you don’t even know what I am talking about, you should have joined us at the “March Madness Basics” seminar I had on Sunday.  Just like for Super Bowl Sunday and the championship games that happened before Super Bowl, men will be out in droves to watch, especially if Georgetown makes it.   This is exactly where you should be to meet them!

We are having a March Madness Flirt Night for this very reason, where you can practice your flirting where all the men ARE.  It’s Saturday, March 14, starting at 6:30PM (for the Big East Championship).  Sign up today to get the Art of Flirting podcast to start preparing.  FLIRT NIGHT

Here are some of the tips we learned at my March Madness Basics seminar that will be useful in flirting. While watching the game you can ask him: “Do you think either of these teams can take it all?” “How many teams do you think the Big East will send to the DANCE?”  (the Dance is the National Tournament).

Before going to the game this Saturday, Google the top five teams of the Big East so you can add little nuggets to the conversation.

Here are the Big East teams playing this week (again, the championship game is this Saturday!):bigeast-tourney-bracket

Even if you are not joining us for Flirt Night, go to a nearby sports bar or restaurant in your area on Saturday evening and check out the men who are there.   Be friendly and sociable!  Wear sports attire but look cute!

Next Sunday is Selection Sunday, when the teams are selected for the National Tournament/Dance.

You can use these flirt questions below after Selection Sunday has taken place and the games have begun:

Ask him who his ‘cinderella team’ is.  A ‘cinderella team’ or ‘sleeper’ is the underdog that may do better than expected and take it all.

Ask him who is in his Elite 8 or Final 4.

Ask him who he thinks will take it all.

Also, if any local teams are in it (Georgetown or Maryland for the DMV area), ask how he thinks that team will do.

Make sure you do your own brackets so you can answer questions about who YOU have picked.

We will have another March Madness Flirt Night when it is down to the Final Four on April 4th so JOIN US!!!

Happy Dating, ladies!

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Kiki Strickland
Matchmaker & Dating Coach
“Country’s Top Matchmaker!” – EBONY Magazine

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