Traditional Marriages, Applebee’s and Men of Means

monet and vaughn

Ladies, I want to make sure that you know it is OK for you to want to have a traditional marriage with traditional gender roles.  If this is what you want, don’t feel bad!  There are men who also want this.  The key is finding him!

Millions of viewers watched Monet & Vaughn on Married At First Sight discuss their views of traditional marriage.  They both had said they wanted a traditional marriage and that was one of the reasons why they were paired together.  It showed once again that some women still have an interesting view of “traditional.”  It seemed Monet wanted the MAN to be the traditional bread winner and provider of the family but she didn’t think she should have to be the traditional wife.  A traditional wife cooks and cleans or takes responsibility for these things getting done.  Vaughn did not think she was a traditional wife like she claimed to be.

We will be talking about this at my ‘Meeting a Man of Means’ seminar tomorrow.  Women do want a man that can provide for his family.  But women do not always think about what a man who provides wants in return.  Women say that they know they are supposed to be a helpmeet/helpmate to their future husband, but then they do not want to help where he needs it (food, comfort, sex, clean house, emotional support).  Check out radio show “Are You Wife Material” HERE.

My seminar on Saturday is really going to be about finding a man that CAN provide, because there are many men out there who can’t or do not WANT to provide.  They do not make enough money to cover a complete household of wife and children.  They can barely provide for themselves!  And even some who do make decent money or even good money, don’t have that provider mentality.

If you really do want to be a traditional wife (dare I say even a stay-at-home wife/mother), you need to find a man that can and will provide.  And if you want him to provide well, he needs to be a man of means.

Even if you are a woman that makes a lot of money yourself, you may still want a man that makes MORE than you.  How are you going to find that?  Women today are out-earning men in some areas, especially in the African American communities.

I remember when I held my ‘Strong Successful Single Woman Syndrome’ seminar a few years ago, some of the ladies were complaining that men felt intimidated by their success and what they had.  I asked where they were meeting these men.  I will never forget that one woman said she met her last guy at the Applebee’s in Suitland.   Now….I don’t feel I really need to say anything bad about Applebee’s restaurant or Suitland as a city, but I think common sense will probably tell you that you are not going to meet a man of means there.  You have to be more strategic in where you go and who you meet.

We will talk about this more at tomorrow’s seminar.  If you are interested in attending, get your ticket HERE

See you there!


Kiki Strickland, Matchmaker & Dating Coach
Helping you find the LOVE you’ve always dreamed of.

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