Short Hair VS Long Hair…and what men like


One of the wonderful ladies who attended my “Finding a Husband After 40” seminar last Saturday mentioned that since she has cut her hair short and gone natural, she has not had one guy approach her.  I barely recognized her myself, since it had been over a year since I’d last seen her and she did look drastically different.   I LOVE the new goldish/blonde tint to her hair and her makeup looked flawless!   But the fact that I, a woman, liked it, meant nothing if it was not getting her the results she wanted for her love life.

Do men like longer hair?  Yes!  It is a well-known fact that most men prefer and are more attracted to women with longer hair.  Some don’t care if it is your own hair or not, they just know that they are more attracted to women with more length.

Check out these photos.  Which look do you think is more attractive?  Longer or shorter?

long-hair-vs-short-hair-Hayden-Panettiere long-hair-vs-short-hair-michelle long-hair-vs-short-hair-Natalie-Portman

I believe I personally look better with longer hair.  My figure even appears more shapely when I have more length and my face seems softer and more becoming.

But regardless what I think about it, my husband’s opinion is important.  He has let me know that he likes it longer and definitely prefers my own hair to braids.  I’ve heard him loud and clear on that.  I love braids – they are convenient, allow me to swim, etc. but if my husband doesn’t find them attractive, why would I wear them?  Just because I am married already doesn’t mean that I don’t want to look as attractive as I can to my man.

Some men may prefer short hair.  Find that guy if you plan to keep yours short.  But if you want a wider pool of men to choose from, start growing it longer (or add extensions, hair pieces, clips or get a weave).

I believe in doing whatever it takes to be more appealing – whether losing weight, getting a makeover, growing hair or changing your style of dress.  For example, if men prefer women who look more feminine, put on a dress or skirt.  Don’t look like a tomboy in sweats and t-shirts if you are trying to meet men.  Skirts and sandals or heels are more attractive.  Show some leg!

If you have changed hairstyles and feel that it is hindering your love life, do something about it.  Go to the beauty supply store and check out different options and pieces to possibly add on to the back of your hair.  Consult with the clerks in the store and get their suggestions on how to change up your look.

Here is a new look DC Dating Tele-summit guest speaker Kat Smith gave me during her Diva Makeover Clinic this Spring and I loved it!  My husband did too!  Kat added clip-ons into my hair for an instant longer look.

kiki makeover1


The great thing about hair pieces and add-ons is that they are temporary and it’s easy to test them out.  Wear one when you go out shopping and see if there is a difference in the attention you get.  Let me know what happens!

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Happy Dating!



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