Wife Material

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On Saturday morning my blogtalk show will be about whether or not you are wife material.   All the single ladies that have come to me for love life solutions and dating advice are now on their way to meeting new guys, dating successfully, finding fulfilling relationships and even getting engaged!  I want to talk about the next step – becoming a wife to someone.  Most want to be married yesterday but are you really totally prepared for what comes after “I Do”?

Some think it is all about age.  If you are a certain age, you feel like you are definitely old enough to get married.  And legally you are.  But what about spiritually?  Financially?  Emotionally?

Others are consumed with wedding thoughts.  You are more into dreaming about and planning the actual wedding event, like color schemes, dresses, who your bridesmaids are going to be, what kind of cake you want, or whether you would like a band or DJ.  Maybe you have not seriously considered the marriage part that comes after (except maybe the honeymoon!).

Newly married since Labor Day Weekend of last year, I’d like to share with you some insights and knowledge on marriage that I think you should have, to prepare yourself for the journey ahead, single ladies!  Join me live at 8AM this Saturday on blogtalkradio.com.  You can also listen later in the archives section of my show “Dating Talk with Kiki Strickland.”

See you then!


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If you are engaged, join me for a pre-marriage workshop

on August 2, 2014 from 5 – 7PM in Washington, DC.

More details at www.kikistrickland.com

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