Converting for a Guy? Don’t!

Jodi AriasI’m watching the Jodi Arias movie and I’m in shock.  Talk about chasing a guy, LOL.  She totally didn’t understand his religion or his struggle with temptation (her).  She even put him on blast a few times with his Mormon friends, mentioning their sex life.  He told her to her face a few times that he was going to marry a Mormon woman and did not see their ‘relationship’ as long term.  She herself even complained that she was the one driving five hours to see him (long distance relationship) and felt like just a booty call to him.

She was!

She was right.  Yet it didn’t change her actions.

I hope you are not ever in a situation like that.

She wanted him so badly that she got baptized in the Mormon Church to please him, even though he was surprised and it didn’t change his feelings for her at all.  He still did not plan to make her his wife.

She pretended to be OK with a sex-only relationship, even though she wanted to marry him.  She did everything she could, from moving to his city and shopping at the same grocery store so he would run into her ‘accidently’ and trying to make him jealous by sleeping with some random guy and sending him pictures of her with the guy.  Everything totally backfired!

Never chase a man.  He should be the one pursuing you, driving five hours to see you (at least three hours if you are going to drive two to meet him!).  And I dare say even converting to YOUR religion instead of the other way around!  It is a different story if you feel a real conviction about his faith and believe in it and want to embrace it – that is different.  Do it if so.  But you cannot do it to please him.

He is NOT yours if you feel like you are doing all the work.

Jodi’s story is very sad, of course, and ended tragically.  But it didn’t have to be.  Someone should have told Jodi that when a man loves you, you don’t have to pursue him or wonder where the relationship is going.  You don’t have to stalk him to see who he is with or check his phone messages to see who is texting him or move to his area to ‘run into him’ while shopping.  You don’t have to do anything.   You just ‘are’ and he loves you.

And if you feel that you have to do those things, dump him and instead see a therapist or a relationship coach.


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