Happy Hour – WHO ME?

happy hourSometimes I get the impression that some women do not think they can attend a ‘happy hour’ function or even sit at the bar of a restaurant if they are a Christian.  Why do I think that?

Here is how the conversation goes while we are talking about things they are doing to meet people:

“Do you ever attend happy hours?  Do you coworkers or friends go out after work?”

“No!  I don’t drink!”

Somewhere along the way I think people started thinking ‘happy hour’ has to mean you have an alcoholic drink.  While that may have been the intent in the past (why they called it “happy”), I point out to those that never go – YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A DRINK.

Happy hour prices are available at almost ALL restaurants during the time of rush hour, usually starting at 3 or 4PM and ending around 7 or 8PM.  This means you can have half-priced appetizers at most places, and yes, drinks for a lot less, even pitchers.  Bar Louie is one of my favorite places to do happy hour, as their fabulous-tasting flatbread is only $6 from 4 – 7PM.  Yes, that is half-price, same large size!

So when I say ‘happy hour’ I do not mean a BAR.  I mean a restaurant!

But yes, you should SIT at the BAR at the restaurant!

Quiet as it is kept, everyone at the bar area is not drinking an alcoholic beverage.  Soda is OK.  Water is OK.  Even juice is OK.

Why do I recommend happy hours?  Because people are congregating after 5PM, usually to mingle and meet other people.  And yes, to eat and get something non-alcoholic to drink.  Not everyone drinks alcoholic drinks during the week.  Maybe a Friday night will be more rowdy and full of drunkards (usually not even then, just people unwinding and relaxing, not getting drunk).  Please do not think everyone at a bar area is getting drunk.  It is just not true.

You should be getting out and about regularly.  Why not stop by the local PF Chang or Ruby Tuesdays on a weeknight, if it is a happening spot?  Sit at the bar!

I told one lady to sit at the bar area and you would have thought I told her to go out and fornicate!

It is not that serious, folks.  The bar area is not off limits to Christians.

I’m not sure what she thought.  Maybe that people would think SHE is a drinker/alcoholic?  Or that she was that at the bar to try to meet a man?

Happy Hour is not like that.  People may be waiting for the traffic to die down before heading home.  People may come for the food.  People may be there because they want to socialize a bit.

So what?  It doesn’t matter WHY people are there.  But it is good that people are there because you need to meet people!

Most people sit at the bar because they are by themselves and open to chatting with others around them.  No one is going to come over to a table to chat with you unless they already know you (or unless they are extremely bold!).  But at the bar, everyone is chatting with everyone, including the bartender.  This is a GOOD thing, ladies.

If your coworkers are getting together to hang out for an hour or so after work, GO (unless you don’t like them).  Or go by yourself.  Stop in to a popular place for an hour, have something to eat, smile at a few people, chat with those sitting next to you at the bar and then go home.

You’ll feel better for being PROACTIVE.

And as I always say, you never know who you might meet.

Happy Dating!




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