A Lesson on Photos


I really like Terry Crews since I started watching reruns of Are We There Yet?  I remember him in a few movies as the thuggish villain, which he plays really well, being so big and as a body builder. He was often the victim of type-casting.   If it wasn’t for Are We There Yet, I wouldn’t have known his softer, handsome, intelligent, good husband side.  I love that a show like this hired him (kudos to Ice Cube!) for the lead male role.

I think this is a good lesson for women who are dating online.  You may have a perception of men who look like Crews’ type that is totally incorrect.  I know I did.  I would not have been open to dating him if I came across him online.

If you saw the first photo (above) of Terry Crews online, would you be open to dating him?  I probably would have said no in the past and not even continued on with the rest of his profile.  The truth is men don’t usually take good photos.  Most of the online dating photos that men put up are terrible.  I know that many of you delete men’s profiles based on their photos and it is a mistake.

Look at these two photos of Crews.  I believe most guys would choose to post the one on top because they think they look cool and sexy if they aren’t smiling.  In fact, they probably think they look soft or cheesy when they smile.  Women, on the other hand, would much prefer the smiling pic here of Crews, right?  You might not even read the profile of a guy looking like his photo on the left.  You think he looks mean (even though he is wearing a suit) and you’ve probably made other assumptions about him – his character, education, income, etc.

The photo underneath looks more comfortable, relaxed, happy, like a nice and fun guy.  Even though he is not wearing a suit he seems to have a lot going for himself.  But you may not even see this photo if you just stopped at the first photo he had up, the one on top.  Or he may not have even posted the second photo of himself, thinking he looked too corny.

I encourage you to stop eliminating guys based on their photos at all.  Read the profile!  (more on profiles later though, since a lot of men just hurriedly put one up).  Give the guy a chance before hitting delete, especially if you are really serious about meeting The One this year.  You may have passed over lots of good guys based on a bad photo or a misconception over how they look (or seem to look).

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PS – check out this photo below.  What perception/opinion do you immediately get when looking at this photo of him?  And why?

WWE And The Creative Coalition's SummerSlam Kickoff Party

PSS – I don’t know Crews at all so really any thoughts I have on him are based on his acting career.  I would have to date him to find out if he is worth dating, just like you will have to talk to a guy to find out if you could like him.  That is the point!  Happy Dating!



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