Date someone in the “MEANTIME”

date imageAre you out dating at least once a month?  It should be more, but at a minimum, you should be going out once per month.

“But I have no one to go out with,” you say.  Rarely is that true.  There is usually SOMEONE that is asking you out, even if that person is not the person you are interested in.  If you are a female, someone should be asking you out.  (If not, there is a huge problem and you need to meet with me ASAP to find out why that is not happening).

Go anyway!

I’m not saying go out with the homeless bum that said “Hey, baby” the other day.  I’m talking about any guy that was polite when he approached you and asked.  Or the guy online that has sent you three emails.  Or the guy friend/coworker that keeps asking when you can do lunch.

What is the harm in meeting him for lunch or coffee/tee at a Starbucks?

It is good for you to get out and get more dating experience, even if it is with someone you think you are not going to like romantically. Consider these dates dating practice.

Get more dates under your belt.  Get in the habit of regularly going out!

And you never know, one just may turn out to be a great guy and a fun date!



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