Anything else is just an excuse

So I have this client who says she is seeing this guy but he never gets together with her.  He just texts.

He has made some half-hearted attempts to get together in person but something has come up two of the three times.  He did meet with her briefly for about half an hour one evening during the week.  Then he had to go to ‘take care of some things.’

So do you think he is really interested in her?

Some of you are saying, he could be really busy – like at an important job, like a doctor who is on for twelve hours for example – but he is not a doctor.

He could just have a lot going on in his life right now – someone else said (yes, her).

But the truth is, if someone is saying they like you but are not making time to meet up with you in person for this reason or that reason, it is just an excuse.

If a guy really likes you, he will make time.  If a woman really likes you, she will make time for you.

Now he or she may not be able to be with you as much as they really WANT to, but they will be with you.

There will not be excuse after excuse, because the truth is, we make time for the things we want to make time for, even if it means missing some sleep, eating on the run to do something during lunch, or cutting out another event we even paid for.

When we really like someone, there is nothing that can keep us away from them.

There was a poem I once heard that went something like this.  Not sure of the author.

If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away.

If he doesn’t want you, nothing can make him stay.

Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior.

Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache.

Stop trying to change yourselves for a relationship that’s not meant to be. 

It is true!  Wait for the one that is bending over backwards to be with you.  It will be worth the wait!!!

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