Finding LOVE Later in Life


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Someone was nice enough to give me the contact info of a freelance writer that is doing a piece on dating later in life for a publication.  I contacted the writer with the below information (hopefully some of it will appear in the magazine but I never heard back so who knows?).  Hope you find it helpful.  It is a tip for women over 35 who are still looking for Mr. Right

Finding LOVE later in Life

Kiki Strickland, a professional matchmaker & certified dating coach in Washington, DC works primarily with successful African American women over 35 who are looking for Mr. Right.  She advises her clients to create a dating plan.  The dating plan consists of places to go where the type of men they like can be found.

“Most women are not doing anything proactive to meet men, except maybe sporadic online dating.  They do not get out of the house enough to actually meet potentials, or when they do go out it is with a group of females.”

Besides working on hindrances to finding love, Kiki works with women on coming up with places to go and ways to expand their social circles with men.

She herself identified a group whose members were the type of men she was attracted to when she met her husband at 38.  Black Ski Inc., a ski organization for African Americans under the umbrella of the National Brotherhood of Skiers, is where she met the man she later married at age 41.

“I heard about Black Ski when they were going to South Beach for the NBS Summer Fest.  That is when all the black ski groups on the East Coast get together for a warm trip instead of skiing.  It is full of men!”

She became a member of Black Ski not only because they had a variety of activities and trips, but because the men where older, well-educated and just the type she wanted to date.

“I encourage the women that come to me to find similar groups, whether it be an alumni association or a large national group like NSBE or Black MBA’s or some specific local group that interests them and has a good number of positive men.”

For help creating your dating plan, contact Kiki Strickland at

Kiki is a Matchmaker & a Certified Relationship Coach for Singles (CRCS)

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