The Starbucks of LOVE


I have been in a particular Starbucks in Alexandria several times now on a Sunday, late morning.  Every time, it has been full of people!  I didn’t realize this Starbucks, which is kind of out of the way and very empty on normal week days (closes early), has a high amount of traffic on the weekends (still closes early).

Well about two Sundays ago I witnessed a love connection!  I thought the two people knew each other at first.  When I sat down I heard them talking, chatting like old friends.  Later on after I had established myself at my table, laptop and all, I glanced over when the woman laughed at something the guy said.  That’s when I noticed that they were sitting at two separate tables.   Even though I am the love coach, I didn’t pay too much attention (almost missing a love connection in the making!) until later when I heard the woman say, “What was your name again?”

That is when I realized they were total strangers, even though they had been deep in conversation since before I arrived.  And I started to pay more attention.  See, I’m always on the lookout for places for my clients to meet potentials (join me on May 13 for “WHERE to meet Mr. Right” via phone) and once I realized that particular Starbucks was the backdrop for a rendezvous in the making, I was prepared to take notes.

The woman and man chatted for an hour, the whole time was I working, and learned quite a bit about each other.  The woman even started to try to sell the guy on her community service project and invited him to come out for one of the events.  They ended up walking out together – I assume he was walking her to her car like a gentleman and they were not ‘hooking up.’  I am sure they exchanged numbers, even though I did not follow them out to see that.

So kudos to the first date/meeting being STARBUCKS!  WOO HOO.  Hang out there for an hour or two on a Sunday and see whom you can see!  It worked for them (I hope)!

I always recommend your first meeting with someone you don’t really know (like an online date) be a simple coffee/tea date at Starbucks.  It is low pressure, casual, and in a safe environment.  You do not have to stay long if it turns out you don’t like the person once you are in front of them.  AND you can always turn it in to a longer date by moving to a nearby restaurant IF you want later.

I was just in that same Starbucks today.  While I didn’t see any ‘connections,’ I did notice several good looking men come through.  Some were dressed in suits, looked like they were coming from church.  I’m just saying, ladies…


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