No Rings until Engaged

ring on finger
I was meeting with a new client the other day and I noticed she was wearing a ruby on her wedding finger. She also wore a band of diamonds on the ring finger of her right hand. It was distracting as we talked about her love life and I finally asked her if she always wore these rings, especially the one on the left hand on the finger that is supposed to represent marriage. She said that she wore it a lot and wondered if she should or not.


These are ways we sabotage our chances at finding love, ladies!

Men look at your hands to see if you are available or not. Women do the same. Men often do not have their wedding rings on when they work or if playing a sport, so it is hard to tell if they are married or not. But women often wear too many rings. If you are wearing a ring that looks something like a wedding ring or engagement ring, men think you are unavailable!

Unfortunately men are not always aware of what finger or even hand the engagement or wedding ring goes on (I know you are thinking “What’s wrong with them!”). They do not know as much about traditions and jewelry in general, so it is not a surprise that my husband tried to put my engagement ring on my right hand when he gave it to me. Another guy friend told me he thought one of my friends was married until I pointed out the ring she wears is on the OTHER hand. They are clueless about jewelry and traditions most of the time.

So I recommend not wearing ANYTHING that would confuse them.

We will never know how many men were interested in talking to my new client while she was out and about but were deterred by the rings, thinking she was taken.

“But I LOVE jewelry!” you say.

OK. That is fine. But are you single and looking? Then do NOT misrepresent yourself (purposely or accidently) and wait for someone else to buy you the most important piece of jewelry that you really desire – a RING!

Wear your rings around your girlfriends or family but not when you go out where singles are or where you want to meet potentials. Wear it at home. Wear it when you do not want to meet someone. But PLEASE be aware of anything you may be doing that keeps you from meeting your Mr. Right, as innocent as it may be.

I remember when I was in college there were a few friends that wore ‘promise rings’ that they had given themselves as a representation of their commitment to the Lord to wait before marriage. That is a great and noble gesture, but there really is no need for an outer representation of such a commitment. That is between you and the Lord. So again, why confuse anyone? Keep the ring finger free until your Mr. Right ‘puts a ring on it.’


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