Online Dating Stories: Good, Bad & Ugly

This weekend I did a blogtalk radio show on online dating.  I asked some of my network to send in their online stories – good or bad and I read some of them on the air.  Online dating is still one of the easiest, fastest, most comprehensive ways to meet a large number of singles of the opposite sex IMMEDIATELY!  So even if you have had a few bad experiences, keep trying.  Don’t give up!  Try a different website if the ones you were on did not work for you.  There are so many websites and new ones come out every day.  Do some research!  Do not pay for a site until you have ‘tried’ it out for free. 

There is a site for you.  Have you heard of  The online dating site for those interested in saving the planet?  Or how about for the socially conscious singles?  What about for liberals or for vegetarians?  Find one that suits you and get to work!

Most of us know at least one couple that met online, so it obviously does work for people.  Just because it hasn’t worked for you, yet, doesn’t mean it won’t in the future.  You need to have a strategy.  You need to use it wisely.  You may need some professional tips.  You can work with a coach, like me, or do your own research through articles or books on online dating.  Just get out there! 

Because if you are single and looking, you must be online!

Listen to my blogtalk show on Online Dating Stories.  I’ll be doing another show where you can call in and give your story or ask questions.



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