4th of July Dating Tips

What are your plans for the 4th of July and does it include going someplace where you can meet other singles?  It should!

Get your flirt on at the 4th of July cookouts and events you attend!  This is your opportunity to meet and mingle with potential dates, so let’s make sure you are looking great and feeling friendly.

Choose events wisely.

Ladies, don’t go to a girls night out event or something where only females or family will be present.  Sure, you can stop by these events to say hello, but spend the bulk of your time mingling with new people where you can possibly meet Mr. Right.

Be willing to spend some money.

The better events may come with a cost.  Think of it as an investment on your love life!  If you want to do the cruise with the large group of professionals but it is a little pricey – so what?  Go!

You also want to spend on looking great.  Beauty costs.  Get your hair done.  Get a new outfit.  Whatever you need to make yourself look and feel fabulous, DO IT.  You should be at your best since you are about to meet the love of your life!

Don’t be in a rush to leave.

Hang around.  Don’t jet out when it is over.  Mingle with those who decided to have one last hot dog or drink.  Sometimes rushing out too fast is the reason why that cute dude didn’t get a chance to speak to you.  He was working up his courage or the right thing to say and you flew out before he could.

Practice being friendly.

Say hello to everyone that comes into your path.  Ask them about themselves.  Be the one who knows everyone there and introduce others to each other, if possible.  You’ll make a host of new friends by the end of the evening.

Give him your number.

He needs a way to contact you.  If he asks for your number, give it to him.  Gone are the days that you held your number close to the vest or guarded it like a blue diamond.  Give it out!  If a guy wants to get to know you and ask you out, he needs to be able to contact you.  At least give your email address.  But why not the number?  You want to talk to him, don’t you?

I hope these tips will help you succeed this week and bring you steps closer to finding your Mr. Right!

Enjoy the holiday.

Happy Dating!



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