For the Single Ladies

The following is an excerpt from for singles.  Enjoy!

“For Better or for Worse”

Life is sweet and life is hard for both the married and single girl. It’s the truth.

A single woman is often tempted to blame everything that makes her feel helpless or unhappy on the fact that she doesn’t have a man around. My married friends have laughed when I’ve complained that maintaining my car would be a whole lot easier if I was married. One resourceful girlfriend even changes the oil in her husband’s car. “It’s just not his thing.”

You know it too, life happens to us all for better and for worse. A woman who spends her time thinking about what she doesn’t have and what she can’t do will soon be like a sieve. Everything, no matter how lovely or good, will fall right through. Nothing will benefit her very much. She will believe the lie that real life is for other people.

I choose to think better.

Never having married, I’ve had my own set of joys. I’ve tasted the freedom of riding out waves of opportunities. I’ve known the surprises that come from meeting my own financial needs (and getting someone else to change the oil in my car). Sure, I’ve been kissed less than I should have been and I’ve carried more than I’ve wanted. But when I’ve needed help, I’ve relied on a good God and his good people—just like we all need to do from time to time.

Life can be better; life can be worse and most of it has nothing to do with marital status.


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