Why Living in Sin Doesn’t Work

ImageToday’s Crosswalk is featuring the below article, which I think is spot on.  As my boyfriend and I take a pre-marriage class at our church, the instructors are exposing those in the class that are living together and encouraging them to make other arrangements until they are married.

Why Living in Sin Doesn’t Work

By Tim Laitinen

Plenty of studies have proven it.

Living together before marriage doesn’t work. Cohabitation doesn’t make marriages stronger. In fact, it usually has the opposite effect.

Sure, modern society wants to believe that cohabitation makes sense, and plenty of singles assume they’ll be the exception to the statistics. But who has the better track record when it comes to sexual morality: our culture, or God’s Word?

Many Christians wouldn’t personally consider cohabiting, so maybe you’re wondering why the topic is even up for discussion. We know it’s a sin, and we know God’s design for marriage is less about “being made for each other” and more about being true to a covenantal relationship.

But we get lonely, don’t we, and apprehensive about our singlehood. Some of us may be feeling our defenses weakening, especially as the culture around us continues to embrace cohabitation. After all, the popular media that has saturated our lives elevates sex and pleasure over the biblical values of marriage, fidelity, and sexual purity. It’s becoming ever so antiquated for singles to live apart—and without physical intimacy!—before marriage.

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