Is the Marriage License Just a Piece of Paper?

I was reading some questions about living together/cohabitation and saw a lot of people saying marriage was just a piece of paper, so I decided to write an article on it.  This one below just about covers everything I was going to say myself!  A birth certificate is ‘just a piece of paper’ but it proves your citizenship, family, age, etc and is very important to your life.  As is marriage.  It is NOT a piece of paper, but a legal, God-honoring commitment to the person you have chosen to marry.  Read Marriage Missions answer on the question.  Kiki

Is the Marriage License Just a Piece of Paper?

“‘We don’t need a marriage license to show our love. It’s just a piece of paper!’

I have lost count of how many times I have heard this over the years. ‘It’s just a piece of paper.’ Those who make that statement often declare that they are doing “what is right for them” and that make sense to them. But in the fuller picture, especially when it comes to those who profess faith in Jesus Christ, is that really true?

We’d like you to consider a few points, hoping you will see that this “piece of paper” and your hesitation to sign it, really isn’t as “right” as you might have thought previously.

One point to consider is its value:

“‘It’s just a piece of paper’ they say. The deed to your house is ‘just a piece of paper.’ Your apartment lease agreement, your car registration, your check on payday, your driver’s license and so many more things qualify under the title of ‘just a piece of paper.’ But you make sure that you have these in place, and you are very protective of them. High school diplomas, certificates of completion, college degrees are all ‘pieces of paper.’ But, they are highly valued. Shouldn’t you value the most important relationship in your life at least as much as you do your house, car, or level of education?” (Charles Perkins, from article “It’s Just a Piece of Paper”)

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the marriage license and its importance.


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