Dating Ideas for Athletes

Check out the article by Donna Cullen about athletes and dating!  I thought it was cool.


10 Perfect Dates for Ironman Athletes

Dating an athlete can be intimidating for the indoor set, but an Ironman athlete sets the bar even higher. If the hottie you’ve had your eye on is the Ironman type, here are some date ideas that are sure to get their pulse racing.

  1. Hit the Bike Trails – Biking with a triathlete might be daunting at first, but most Ironman participants realize that their skill level is a bit higher than most.      Even if they have to slow it down in order for you to keep up, they’re  likely to be touched that you made the attempt.
  2. Go Rock Climbing – Indoor rock climbing facilities are easy to find, and most can accommodate varying skill levels. The ability to tailor the experience to your respective skill levels ensures that you’ll both enjoy yourselves.
  3. The Daytime Outing – Ironman athletes typically train very early in the morning; the late-night date usually isn’t their first choice. Suggesting an early meet-up and  acknowledging those morning training sessions is a great way to show that you respect your honey’s commitment.
  4. SCUBA Classes – Most people don’t realize how easily found and relatively inexpensive SCUBA diving classes are. Even though your triathlete is a highly-trained swimmer, they may not have any more experience with SCUBA than you do.   The novelty and nod to their interests is sure to make a SCUBA date a hit.

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