Relationship TEXTING

Next month our Dating Talk topic is dating and social media.  How have new technologies and social media affected your dating relationships?  Has it been for the better or worse?

Well tonight RCI, the Relationship Coaching Institute (where I’m certified), is hosting a teleseminar on texting.  It’s called “Text to Connect: Using Your Cell Phone to Enhance Your Relationship.”  You can join in for FREE tonight by registering at the link provided.

Dr. Claudia Perez is a clinical psychologist in practice for over 20 years. Her practice is in Kentfield where she provides individual and couples therapy. She has an expertise in relationship issues, health psychology and trauma. She holds an advanced certification in EMDR. Dr. Perez is also a Registered Nurse.


Text to Connect:  Using Your Cell Phone to Enhance Your Relationship

DATE: Thursday, December 1st
TIME: 5:00pm pacific/8:00pm eastern

(use the above link to join the webinar and view the slides as we SHOW you how this works)

Can a simple text message lead to better communication and a more loving relationship?

Yes! Join us and learn how to text your way to more
– Intimacy
– Connection
– Harmony
– Fulfillment

Not only for romantic partners, this strategy works to enhance all relationships, including-
– Parents
– Children
– Extended Family
– Friends
– Business Partners
– Any close relationship

Join in if you can!


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