Do Gay Couples Value Marriage More?

I’ve been reading a lot of posts, blogs, and articles about marriage and whether it has become obsolete and unnecessary.  It’s been disheartening.  People have become very jaded and cynical about marriage these days.  We’ve forgotten that marriage was designed by God – not man, and it is not just ‘a piece of paper’ that we don’t need anymore. 

It is very ironic that in the states where gay marriage has been accepted, gay couples are running to the court houses to get married, while thousands (record numbers) of heterosexual singles are now choosing to live together like they are married (without the real commitment of BEING married).  Funny, isn’t it?  Those cohabitating couples have nothing stopping them from getting married.  Gay couples couldn’t get married before and now they are lined up around the building, sometimes for hours and hours – lottery and all, to say “I Do.” 

So who values marriage more?

Gay couples or straight couples?

Whether you agree with gay marriage or not, (and I’m not saying that I do) you’ve got to be also wondering if these couples, some who have lived together for many years already, will have the same success/failure rate as those hetero couples who lived together before getting married. 

And it is also interesting to note that most gay couples who marry are females.  In some states almost twice as many lesbians have wed as gay men, since marriage became an option, according to the NY Post.  Check out this data from

– Massachusetts had been the biggest state to embrace this ground-breaking civil right before New York approved it. The Bay State has sanctioned same-sex marriage since 2004 and women have dominated the rolls there too, by a margin of 8,404-to-4,911, according to the latest data.

– New Hampshire wrote gay marriage into granite in 2010 and ever since there have been 1,113 loving lesbian couples married there, compared with just 411 all-male unions.

– In the most recent data from Iowa, 1,376 lesbian have recorded marriages there and 772 couples of men have done the same.

– In Vermont, where gay marriage was been sweet as syrup since 2009, there have been 1,157 couples of lesbians to say “I do,” compared to just 597 male couples.

Interesting!  Since women in general are more likely to be the ones to want to get married, maybe this is why the lines for marriages at City Hall are down the block and around the corner – lesbians value marriage and have another woman that agrees it is the right thing to do if you love and want to live with your partner.

What do you think?

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