Divas Don’t Get Played Online

Did any of you see the 20/20 special about the women getting scammed on online dating sites?  Incredible.  One woman thought she was talking for months to a soldier in Afghanistan and it turned out to be a con man in Africa!  You know those “I need to give you my $33 million” email guys?  Yes, one of those.  She actually ended up sending him over $25,000 for various reasons, including $1000 for a laptop he supposedly needed while fighting the war.

Check out the ABC special at this link and beware! 


And here again are my diva dating tips.  As my eBook “How Divas Date” states boldly – ‘Divas Recognize Game’ and do not get played this way.

First of all, if you have never MET the person FACE TO FACE, you do not know them!  I don’t care if you have been emailing for years.  You could be talking to a woman, a senior class playing a joke, or a con man in India.  DO NOT SEND ANYONE MONEY.  In fact, divas don’t give men money anyway!   Are you  looking for a husband or are you looking for a child – a man YOU have to TAKE CARE OF? 

Don’t be blinded by what you think is a budding relationship or possible love. 

Only spend a few days talking online before you move to a phone conversation.  You MUST hear the person’s voice.  Voices are very important in the love world – is he your dreamy Billie Dee Williams or does he sound like Gilbert Gottfried (that annoying AFLAC voiceover guy)?  Not only do you want to confirm he is who he says he is, but you want to hear how smooth (or not!) his voice is. 

Get to the phone conversations right away.

Meet him in person AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  If a guy is chatting with you for weeks but makes no moves to try to meet, that is a red flag.  If you bring up meeting and he acts weird about it, drop him like a hot potato.  There is no reason he wouldn’t want to make a real connection with you if he is looking for love.  He will want to meet you, date you, take you out, etc.  He will not hide behind a computer unless something is not kosher.

Of course you know to meet in person at a very public spot, like a Mall, where you can be sure he has no clue where you parked and you can stay for hours after without him being able to see you leave.

Always be safe!  Let a girlfriend know where you are going and who you are meeting and NEVER go to his place or get in his car during the first few meetings. 

If you have questions, check out my FREE eBook online at www.keeshastrickland.com

Happy SAFE dating!



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