What’s Race Got to do with It?

Last week or maybe two weeks ago, I read about Chinese men seeking love in Africa.  The article said that men in China, because of the shortage of women in their country (like 20 million less women than men!) were finding their wives elsewhere, such as Angola and Kenya (a wealthy Sichuan business man married Miss Kenya).  That article had comments on how some Chinese people viewed those matches, since the men brought their wives back to China.  Most comments were negative and racist.  One guy said his family would not be happy if he married an African woman.

However, my focus of this post is on the women. I wonder how the African woman in Africa felt when faced with having to move to China to be with her new husband?  Was she ready and eager to move for love?  We have such a different view of things here in American.  Some of us don’t even want to date someone in another city or state, let alone another country!  But with the current statistics on black women finding love, is it wise to eliminate men in other areas or of other races?

Should you be looking for love ANYWHERE you can find it?  Would you move to China if a Chinese man wanted to marry you?  If you found compatibility and romance with a man of another race, would you be open to him?  Are you shutting yourself off from men of other ethnicities for some reason?  Do you think you are being loyal to your race by only dating your race? 

Please post your comments below.


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