Leaving larger cities to find love?

It’s not just the below article that advises single women in major metropolitan areas to move if they are serious about finding love.  Matchmaker and Dating Coach Rachel Greenwald said the same thing in her book “Finding A Husband After 35 Using what I Learned at Harvard Business School” (a book I highly recommend!).   She said that if you live in DC, LA, NYC, etc, you might have to move to a smaller area where the men outnumber the women to finally find your Mr. Right.   What do you think?  Kiki

‘Intellectual Meat Market’ Makes Washington Long Odds for Single Women

By Sandrine Rastello and Timothy R. Homan – Jun 3, 2011

Christy McConville has some advice for women in Washington who are frustrated with the dating scene in the nation’s capital: Leave town.

The former District of Columbia resident did just that last year when she relocated to Pasadena, California, after spending almost a decade in Washington. She said it’s now much easier to find single men her age, and she relishes male suitors inquiring about her hobbies rather than her resume.

Washingtonians are “really sort of dating their jobs,” said McConville, 34, who works in political communications. “It’s sort of like an intellectual meat market.”

For women like McConville, it’s not just the fixation on work, it’s the odds: Washington has the highest ratio of women to men compared with all 50 states — 112 females for every 100 males, Census Bureau figures show. Among residents between ages 20 and 39 in the city of 601,723, women outnumber men by 13,716, up from about 6,000 a decade ago, according to census data.

Speed-dating events for singles with professional degrees sell about 50 percent more tickets here than in most other U.S. cities, according to the head of one social networking group. People marry so late in life that Washington has more infertility experts than most places, said one sociologist.

Job Magnet

An influx of young, female professionals helps explain the gender imbalance, according to William Frey, a senior fellow and demographer at the Brookings Institution.

“Young women are more likely to come into the District than young men,” Frey said, noting that federal agencies and nonprofit institutions often hire young college graduates, and women make up the majority of them.

That means Washington is a target-rich town for men, said Vivek Subramarian. The 32-year-old education consultant, who lives in the Columbia Heights neighborhood, said he’ll flirt anywhere, including on the subway.

“Dating, in general, is pretty much ours to lose,” Subramarian, who has lived in New York, Seoul and Shanghai, said while scanning patrons at a bar on U Street, a popular strip for people his age. “It’s trial and error for pickup lines.”

The disproportionate number of females in Washington, where the population is 50.7 percent black, is also influenced by older women outnumbering older men.

Read whole article at http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-06-03/-intellectual-meat-market-makes-washington-long-odds-for-women.html

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