By Cheryl Martin

I hadn’t planned on watching the Royal Wedding, but I happened to be up at that hour so I tuned in like billions of people did. Soon I thought: I know why this event is so popular. Every girl dreams of being the chosen one: the one selected by the dashing, most eligible bachelor. That was my childhood, then teenage, then adult dream. I would sit in church at times, hoping and praying that the most popular guy would just look my way and show some interest. He never did. My heart sank.

As Kate Middletown walked down the aisle to the Prince, I smiled and thought: I am royalty too. She doesn’t have anything on me because I now revel in the fact that God and His Son chose me before I was born! Their love defines me. It makes me a confident woman. I am beloved.

Life has been an exciting journey. God has always been by my side, through the good times and the bad. I’ve only experienced His enduring, unconditional love.

We all dream of wonderful love stories. I watched one last Friday, but I’ve been living one practically all my life. I wouldn’t trade places with the future king and queen of England.

Cheryl Martin, formerly of BET, is the host of the weekly radio broadcast Excellent Living. Each program is designed to enrich, empower, and encourage listeners with practical and relevant principles for making wise choices and living with purpose.


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