Secretary of Love & Relationships

Wow!  I’m a matchmaker and dating coach and I didn’t know that DC has a Secretary of Love and Relationships!  You know I will be coveting that job!  Especially since I know the person that will be occupying the position for 2011.  Her name is Carla Hall, chef extraordinaire!  She was on Top Chef (finalist even!) during season five and has been successfully running a catering company that she is now turning into a dessert business.  She graced the May 3, 2009 cover of the Washington Post Magazine.

So how do I know her?  Mrs. Hall is the ex-girlfriend of one of my ex-boyfriends!  Isn’t that funny?  We actually talked a few times back when I was dating him and I even asked her for advice on some things about him.  I also attended one of her cooking classes at Montgomery College back in the early 2000’s when she was still getting started in catering.  She has a great personality and I remember that most of the cooking class attendees wanted her to sit at their table while we ate.   She married recently and became a stepmother.  And now she is the resident Love spokeswoman for DC Date Night.

Here is more about DC’s Department of Love & Relationships, which Mrs. Hall will become Secretary of next week:

 Welcome to Date Nights DC

The DC Department of Love & Relationships is back this year to help you deliver romance and inspiration. With more than 100 new ideas for most romantic escapes and top romantic destinations, consider us your official source for Washington, DC date night ideas, date planning assistance and more.

Throughout the entire month of February 2011, the Department of Love & Relationships is working to jump-start the District’s love economy with Date Nights DC: A 28-Day Stimulus Plan for Love & Relationships. We’re swearing in a Secretary, appointing a “Date Concierge” to take care of all of your date planning needs and have created 100 new date itineraries to appeal to your special interests. We’ve also compiled a list of hot deals and discounts to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day all month long in style, stage a romantic escape, reconnect with friends and family or simply recharge.


Date Nights return to DC

Washington Business Journal by Missy Frederick

Date: Thursday, January 13, 2011, 2:07pm EST

Do you and your significant other need to spice up your relationship a little bit? Destination D.C. has its proverbial fingers crossed that you’ll tackle that problem — preferably by spending more money in the District.

The city’s tourism board is reintroducing its “Date Nights D.C.” promotion, investing $200,000 in a marketing campaign to promote the endeavor. The promotion began as a pilot program last year, and aims to entice Washington area residents to spend money in D.C. restaurants and hotels, all in the name of romance.

Naturally, the event is held in February to coincide with Valentine’s Day.

Venues are offering a whole host of deals to go with the promotion, whether they be theater and dinner packages, discounted adventure-oriented activities, or aphrodisiac-themed menus (for the oyster and blood orange lovers among us). Full details are available online.

“Top Chef” fans, meanwhile, will appreciate the campaign’s honorary spokeswoman of sorts: chef Carla Hall is acting as the promotion’s Secretary of Love & Relationships, to bring additional publicity to the cause.

Dr. Ruth took on the job last year.

Read more: Date Nights return to D.C. | Washington Business Journal


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