Hi Singles!  Here is some advice from well-known matchmaker April Beyer.


Whether you’ve been single for what seems like eternity, dating random people that you have no connection with or in the wrong relationship for too long, now is the time to make some updates and changes to your dating life. No more waiting around and simply hoping things will get better. Your circumstances won’t improve just by wishing them to. Snow White was a cute story for when we were girls, but singing the tune “I’m wishing” into a wishing well just won’t cut it. You’re in charge of your life so take the wheel and be in your most powerful feminine space. It’s your story. Start writing it!

 Here are my 5 top tips to kick start your NEW RELATIONSHIP YEAR!

1.  Get rid of your Lists!

They’re holding you back and keeping you in an intellectual look at your love life. Translation: You’re looking into the window of your life instead of just living it. Life happens when you’re busy making plans so stay flexible and open to new thoughts, ideas, places and people. It’s the secret key ingredient to staying youthful and fresh. The only items that should remain on your lists are your top 3 most needed traits in someone. Notice how I used the word NEEDED and not WANTED.

2.  Ask yourself: “How do I want to feel when I’m with  someone?”

It’s a simple and effective way to keep you on track for what and who you’re looking for. Forget about whether or not he fits the picture in your mind.

3.  Trust your Instincts!

Start developing a better sense of yourself and start trusting what your gut tells you! No more excuses as to why someone is not calling or treating you very well. Remember, people tend show themselves RIGHT away! A good guy is a good guy from start to finish. It’s too labor intensive to rationalize why a man isn’t calling or courting you. Keep moving if someone new in your life isn’t treating you with care and respect. If you’re waiting around for things to get better, you’re only encouraging bad behavior. Hint: No man has ever fallen in love with a woman that he could walk all over.

4.  Forgive.

This means forgive the people from your past. Family, friends, past relationships…anyone who has caused you pain and grief. Let it go! It will never serve you to hold on to old feelings that are weighing you down. Remember, it’s a new year and a time for renewal. Forgiveness also means to forgive YOURSELF for the choices you’ve made. No one is perfect and life is just one big lesson. Yesterday does NOT equal today so just because you made some lousy choices in partners last year, doesn’t mean this year will be the same. Shake it off, forgive but don’t forget.

5.  Sharpen your Image.

Every business needs a branding and marketing strategy and when things get old and dated, you need to revamp and move with the ever-changing times. If you feel that last year was not your best, it’s important to take a step back and take a good, long look at yourself. What are you presenting to the opposite sex? Do you see yourself as others do? If you gained some weight during the year from bad habits, then find a way to lose it. Again, this is about how YOU feel. If you don’t love the way you look and feel, trust me, no one else will either.

April is the Founder and President of Beyer & Company, an exclusive Matchmaking & Relationship Consulting firm catering to the most successful and eligible bachelors in the country.


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