Changing compatibility

When considering a potential mate for long term compatibility, keep in mind that some things will change during the course of your life.  Here are some changes that took place over the last few years for clients of mine:

Let’s call the first one Dennis.  Dennis used to only date women who were Republicans, like he was.  As a conservative Christian, who believed that the most important political issues were abortion and defending marriage, Dennis believed that true Christians HAD to be Republicans, despite their economic status (even though he was on the upper end of the scale).   Well, all that changed for him when Obama came on the scene.  He suddenly realized that he no longer believed that the two aforementioned issues were the most important for him.  He voted democratic for the first time since Jimmy Carter.  Now he is open to dating both Democrat and Republican women and wonders if he missed out all these years on democratic women that could have been his mate.

Deborah has a similar story.  At 41, she has now decided to become a foster mother.  She never would have believed she would be past the age of 40 without marrying or having children.  For the last ten years she had not wanted to date a man who already had children nor date the guys online who stated that they did not want children.  Now she realizes that she may not have children on her own and she is OK with that. She would now be OK dating a man who does not plan to have any more kids.   She is becoming a foster mother to experience motherhood for a while (temporarily) and to help out children in need.  She is now open to dating the same older men whom she ignored in the past when they indicated they did not plan to have more children (they had been there and done that) and she is also open to dating men who are raising children.

 The compatibility issues for both these clients changed.  The three of us are wondering if their single status may have been different had they made these changes earlier in the game.  Would they both have found “the One” by now if so? 

We will never know!


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