Flirt Cards

Wow, dating sure is evolving!  Back in the day, there was the ‘calling card’ ritual, in which a member of society handed their card to the servant at the door of an acquaintance whom he/she wanted to visit. The card was placed on a tray and taken to the owner of the house.  If the owner/family wanted to see the person, the servant would allow him/her entry.  If the card was returned, it was a rejection.  There were very specific rules about the card and how it was made and handled.

 Now just about everyone has a business card.  You can get them made for FREE through VISTAPRINT and just pay shipping and handling.

Some, like me, may also have a generic card that they use for dating.  If I meet someone while out, I may give a gentleman the card that only has my name and email address and cell phone number on it.  I use this one when I am not sure I want him to know where I work yet.  Or what I do.  Or if I think he really isn’t going to call me anyway.  Maybe he is just chatting and collecting numbers. 

Well…I just learned from a friend that some dating websites are now offering a FLIRT card that singles can give out to potentials while out and about.  This card has a code to their online profile so the person can look them up on the dating site.

 According to this recent article on the New York Times, passing along a flirty card with an online code to your personal profile may be the next dating trend that combines real world encounters with online interaction. is one website that provides a paid membership for users who want their own personalized cards with their personalized internet code to discreetly pass along to any alluring-looking cutie or hunk that catches their eye–be it on the subway, a club, a bookstore, or yoga class. As the article goes on to explain: 

Users receive calling cards to dole out to alluring strangers they encounter in their everyday lives, be it in a club or in a subway on their morning commute. Recipients of the cards can use the identification code printed on them to log onto and send a message to their admirer. A pack of 50 cards and a month’s subscription to Cheek’d, where users can receive messages and post information about themselves, is $25. There is no fee for those who receive cards to communicate with an admirer through the site.

Each Cheek’d card has a sassy phrase like “I am totally cooler than your date,” or, for those with no regard for subtlety: “I’m hitting on you.” Ms. Cheek is dreaming up specialized card sets, too. One for New York City singles will have lines like “I live below 14th Street” and “I hope my five-story walkup won’t be a problem.” is another dating website that markets the same concept: a pack of 30 cards and a three-month membership for $24.99. Each card is printed with the message that reads way cooller in written form than spoken outloud: “I’ve said ‘what if’ too many times … not this time.” 

View entire article at 

 Ok, this is different than a calling or business card because it STILL does not have any personal contact  information on it, just a cute note and the code to the person’s profile on the site, which is still under a user name like any other dating site.   But at least you have seen him or her face to face FIRST.

Well….what do you think?  I personally think a guy should just walk up and start a conversation and ask for my number, the way men have been doing for at least the last fifty years.  A regular business card will do, so I can google him and find out the skinny (LOL!).  I feel safer when I know what a man does (and that he has a real job) and that he wants me to be able to reach him on his cell and at work.

This is interesting, though.  I would like having the link to a guy’s profile and it would be helpful in deciding whether or not I wanted to call him.  It might work for me if he handed a flirt card to me in passing while on the METRO.  But then again, if he gave me one of these flirt cards while at a Starbucks or somewhere he could have had a CONVERSATION with me, I’d be inclined to think he was probably making dating a sport, handing them out like flyers, and was the player type.   Or was too shy.  Or was a weirdo.  Or needed my help with social skills to meet women.

It should not replace talking/meeting.

For women, however, it could be very smart.  I don’t think women should give out cards (any type) to guys that haven’t approached them first.  But if a guy does, say at a party, she can easily give him one of these Flirt cards with her user name, so he’ll have a way to contact her without getting her personal info.  She doesn’t have to worry about him calling her.  He would only be able to email her from the website.  NOW THAT COULD WORK!

I wonder if this will really take off and everyone will be giving out cards with links to their facebook pages or some dating site they are on. 

Would you use one?


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