Short-Term VS Long-Term Dating Relationships

I am loving my coaching training!  It is almost completed.  Here is a brief sample from the workbook we are using:

Define what you want: Short-Term VS Long-Term Dating Relationships

If you are truly ready for a committed relationship and wish to find your Life Partner, you need to focus on that journey and be available for someone who meets all of your requirements, which means not getting involved with anyone who doesn’t.    This is quite an innovative concept, but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense.  Relationships that are going nowhere will still consume a lot of your time, energy and focus.  The more time you spend with people who do not fit with you, the less time you have available for someone who does.

If you are not quite ready for a committed relationship, you need to focus on your life and date for fun, (NOT exclusivity) – until you ARE ready!  Dating for fun (and practice) is especially important and highly recommended for newly single (divorced or widowed) daters, who have been out of the dating scene for a number of years.   As a newly single, you may be more inclined to jump into another relationship that may not be a good match.  Don’t allow loneliness and fear to lead to poor choices.  Take your time and get to know yourself again (your likes/dislikes, finding your own voice, etc).   Make the choice to grow and live life fully on your terms first before getting back into another relationship.

No matter your level of readiness for a long-term relationship, what is truly important is that you are clear about your objectives and create a path that will take you there.

Conscious Dating: Attracting the Love of Your Life Workbook

Relationship Coaching Institute 2009

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