Date with a BOX

My television has been out for about a week and I realized something.  I have been more productive this week than I have in months!  It got me thinking about my schedule and the way people, me included, are guilty of scheduling their lives around what they watch on television.  For men it might be sports.  For women, it is most likely their favorite dramas or reality shows.

It’s fine to enjoy good programming, especially when it includes educational shows, such as those on TLC and the History Channel.  But are you dating your TV?  Is your time monopolized by hours in front of the tube?  Could you be out dating instead?  Do you, God forbid, turn down weekday dates because your show will be on?  Do you rush home on Friday nights because you don’t want to miss the new episode of Medium?  Do you stay in on Monday evening because you just have to catch that Redskins game?

With the advent of Tivo and DVRs, most people are not glued to their TVs like before.  But still, television plays a HUGE part in a lot of lives.  Try this – don’t turn on the television for two days and see how much you get done around the house!  See if you don’t reach out to more people by telephone.  See if you actually decide to GO OUT DOORS for a change, instead of watching the game, The Bachelor or Grey’s Anatomy. 

Who knows, you might meet someone new!


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