Meeting Over Mangos

I’d heard about the Safeway in Georgetown that is supposed to be a singles hot spot and even has cooking demonstrations, a sushi bar, and other amenities, but I had no idea it was so fancy.  Apparently it closed down for renovation and just reopened Thursday after an Invitation-Only Gala complete with gowns and champagne.  What a store!

Well, it’s true –  I had heard years ago that a grocery store is a great place to meet a potential mate.  In fact, one of my ex-boyfriends used to be a part-time cashier for Giant as a second job and he said he met women all the time.

I think I’ve only had two guys try to talk to me while I was shopping for groceries.  But hey, I guess it can work!  You can meet a potential mate anywhere at any time, as long as you are OPEN.

And you can definitely meet someone at a ‘Social Safeway’ like this one in Georgetown that is KNOWN for attracting singles.  You’ll most likely find singles there that are looking to meet other singles and make connections.   And the best part is, unlike an event, you are expected to be alone when you shop for groceries, so there is no stigma attached to cruising the aisles by yourself.   Just make sure you are actually buying something and not simply staring at members of the opposite sex while there.  Don’t be obvious!  But be friendly.  A grocery store has plenty of conversation starters.

Note: The 71,067-square-foot supermarket at 1855 Wisconsin Ave. NW, dubbed the “Social Safeway” because of the number of single people who shop there, will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

I have friends who say they will be in this store every day!  Not only for the singles element, but because they offer free samples of great food.  Need a better reason to check it out?

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