Online Dating Tips

Dancer pic
Dancer pic

In the world of online dating it is a MUST to have a good picture of yourself to be successful. We all know that we don’t even want to read a profile that does not have pic, but for some reason we think it is ok if we ourselves do not post one. That is just plain silly. Everyone wants to know who they are talking to, especially in the world of cyberspace.

We are downright suspicious when someone doesn’t have a picture. Are they hideous looking? Is it really a man instead of a woman? Do they have two heads? And so on…the imagination runs wild when there is no pic, and 9 times out of 10, if you’ve corresponded with someone and then finally saw a pic, you were NOT happy.

This is my advice – go to JC Penney or some other department store portrait studio and sit for a semi-professional pic. It only costs $24! They email you all the photos they took (which is over 20 shots of you in different poses, and you can even take a change of clothes in for a different look). You cannot beat that! It only takes about twenty minutes.

So…have a really good, current photo by going to your friendly, neighborhood Mall and spending less than $25. It will be worth it!

As for the belly dancer pic, if you are involved in something out of the ordinary, like she is, please post a pic of you in action! But it must be just you and close enough to tell it is you, like this one.   It will set you apart from the crowd of other women online.  So if you do anything out of the ordinary, like motorcycle riding, painting, bungee jumping, etc., post a pic on your profile DOING that.  At the very least, it will serve as a conversation starter for the guy.

Go to it!

Happy Dating!


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