To Kiss or Not to Kiss on a First Date

Original Post – Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Here is my advice to men – don’t worry about a kiss on the first date. It is too awkward and too much stress involved. Don’t even think about it. Just relax. You are just getting to know the woman and if you feel like you really want to kiss her – wait until the second date.

She will wonder if you like her if you don’t try to kiss her, so make sure instead of doing that you mention doing something else with her. Yes, I mean make a plan to call her and tell her so. Something like, “I have tickets to a basketball game. I’ll call you with the details to see if you are interested.” That’s it. No need to be more specific. Keep her quessing. But here is the kicker – CALL her the next day and finish that conversation.

You haven’t kissed her, so she is wondering about it. She’s probably wondering if you are gay, a liar, or just not into her, so make sure you call about the next date during the next day or two (at the most) to keep her interested. And if the second dates goes as well as the first one did, KISS her lightly on the lips at good night and walk away. She’ll think you’re a keeper!

Happy Dating!

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