Guy-Magnet Energy

Original Post – Friday, April 24, 2009

The following is a good answer and can be used for women who have ‘extra pounds’ and think that because of it, they will never get the guy. So untrue! It is all about your personality and confidence in yourself. And of course, a happy woman is an attractive woman!

Q&A with Samantha’s Table:
Ginger, Dallas, TX: “My friend seems to get more attention from guys when we are out on the town than I do. But objectively speaking I am much prettier than she is and everyone thinks so. Why do you think she is getting all the guys?”
Samantha says: “Often times men are more attracted to a woman’s energy and her smile than to her physical looks. If a beautiful woman has a sour look on her face or her arms are folded across her chest, no man will want to talk to her. And a woman who is just average in the looks department can be very alluring to men if she uses her “come hither” eyes and she makes him feel as if she really wants to talk to him and is interested and excited by what he is saying. If you friend is getting more attention than you are, take a moment to think about the energy you are putting out there and readjust it so it’s “happy energy” which will translate into “guy-magnet” energy.”

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