Dating in the Dark TV Show

Original post from Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dating in the Dark tv show

Last night was the second time I watched the new ABC show called “Dating in the Dark” after one of my clients mentioned it to me. Surprisingly, I like it!

The concept is this: three guys and three girls move into a mansion for a few days but are not allowed to meet each other, except in the dark room. It starts out with the three women and three men having a meet/greet in the dark room together, so all of them are able to talk and interact with one another in the group setting. Based on that larger meeting, each person is allowed to then invite a member of the opposite sex for a ‘date’ in the dark room alone.

The participants have NO IDEA what their dates look like. So the initial interest is totally based on the person’s voice and personality or the way they answered the questions in the group date.

In last week’s episode, no one ended up getting together – even though they had had several ‘in the dark’ dates and thought they liked each other. After a couple of ‘in the dark’ meetings, the two people decide whether or not they want to meet face to face in the light, but it is still in the dark room! The lights come up on one of them for a few seconds (they are behind a glass booth) and then the other for a few seconds. It is just a short look at the person, and last week they were all disappointed in their love interest’s looks.

It is kind of funny! In this week’s episode, each person had to work with a sketch artist to try to come up with an image of what they THOUGHT their date looked like, based on their personalities and voices. They were way off, in most cases. They also got to go through the three cars of the opposite sex, to see what that would reveal about them.

It was interesting to see what the person would do once they really liked the other person until they SAW what they looked like. There was a larger woman in last night’s episode that was hitting it off really well with a very slender, good-looking middle eastern guy. He was sensitive, artistic (poet and song writer) and they seemed to really like each other. They hugged in the dark room, so you knew that he could probably tell she was a larger girl.

When they decided to see what each other looked like, she looked really cute with her hair curled and a low-cut dress on. He looked like a cabbie! He was very handsome in person, but in that instant when the light came on with him standing there, I’ll bet he looked like a New York cab driver to her. He was wearing black jeans, a yellow leather jacket and a scarf around his neck.

She decided she didn’t want to go out on a real date with him. It was kind of sad, because he was willing to go out with her, even though she was bigger than the women he usually was attracted to.

Another woman from last’s night show decided she didn’t even need to see what they guy she’d been getting to know looked like! She said there wasn’t enough chemistry for her to even pursue seeing his face! He was disappointed because he’d actually gone to the dark room to see what she looked like in the light and she didn’t show up! He was staring at an empty room when the lights came up. Talk about rejection!

There was one couple that no only hit it off, but were attracted to each other when they saw their faces in the light. That was a happy ending.

One thing I’ve noticed about this show from the two weeks I’ve watched is that the MEN seem more willing than the women to give the relationship a try! Last week and this week, two of the three women decided not to meet the guys in person. I would have at least given it a chance in person, like the guys were willing to do. You never know how you are going to feel in person, face to face, with the lights on. I say give it a shot!

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